The collection of public sightings of angel sharks is vital to identify important habitats for these species e.g. nursery and foraging areas, and also answer basic ecological questions, such as when the breeding season is. Our new interactive map provides a quick way for divers, fishers or other stakeholders to report their angel shark sighting both in the Canary Islands as well as the wider East Atlantic and Mediterranean region. Please report your Angelshark sightings.

Photo: Carlos Suarez, Oceanos de Fuego

We have engaged members of the diving community to register their encounters with Angelsharks on our online database, where they can give us information about the exact locality of the shark, the environmental conditions at this locality, and the individual’s size, sex and behaviour.

Eva showing Sergio from 7mares Las Canteras the ePOSEIDON database
Eva showing Sergio from 7mares Las Canteras the database

Now citizen scientists are constantly helping us to gather information across the entire archipelago and we are getting an idea about the current distribution patterns and the structure of the population. At the same time, we are raising awareness of the critical status of this shark and educating divers to avoid disturbing it.

Within our tagging project divers are encouraged to submit encounters of tagged angel sharks into our database and report the colour and number of the tag. This will let us know which individual was seen at a specific locality and the island where it came from.