Aim: Study Angelshark nursery areas to secure their protection

In collaboration with local partners and with the generous support of the Save our Seas Foundation we are monitoring Angelshark nursery areas in the Canary Islands.

Tagged juvenile Angelsharks in Tenerife. Photo: Michael Sealey

Specifically we are looking at the population size and structure, reproductive behavior, growth rates as well as estimating the  spatial distribution and habitat use of juvenile Angelsharks.

Researchers, students and volunteers quarterly conduct a tagging campaign at these nursery areas to tag juvenile Angelsharks. The sharks are carefully caught with a net, then placed in a tray filled with water and brought to a tagging table on the beach.

At the tagging table, they are measured, double tagged (T-bar anchor tag and PIT tag), sexed, weighed and quickly released back to where they were initially caught.

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In 2016, thanks to the support of The Biodiversity Consultancy, the Angel Shark Project is expanding this work by completing surveys across the archipelago to identify and investigate new Angelshark nursery grounds. This information will be used to prioritise areas for spatial protection.


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